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I'm a lead developer at Geomerics working on the integration of Enlighten into various game engines. This blog is for random musing about real-time rendering and games development.

Evaluating Debugged-Process Memory in a Visual Studio Extension

I’ve recently been working on a Visual Studio extension that acts a bit like the Visual Studio memory window, but visualises the memory as a texture. Like the memory window, there’s a box for the user to type in an … Continue reading

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Stochastic Rasterization and Deferred Rendering

After discussion with Repi, and reading the recent Decoupled Sampling paper, I’ve been thinking about how deferred rendering techniques can interact with stochastic sampling for defocus and motion blur. We all know that deferred techniques don’t play very nice with … Continue reading

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APB Customisation Presentation

This is the first in what will hopefully become a series of posts detailing some of the techniques and ideas that we used in making APB. It’s also the easiest one to write, since it’s already done! My boss Maurizio … Continue reading

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